Data & Insights Measurement

What We Measure

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Serving & Tracking
  • Digital Ad Serving
  • 3RD Party Tags
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1st Party Data
  • Music Engagement
  • Jukebox Surveys
  • Bar Rewards Surveys
  • Proximity Data
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Custom Research
  • In-venue consumption by brand
  • Brand effectiveness studies

Brand Effectiveness Study: Highlights

Major BevAl brand and TouchTunes


test group | n=112

Respondents who interacted with the jukebox or watched while someone else used it


control group | n=119

Respondents who did NOT interact with the jukebox or watch while someone else used it

  • Summer 2015
  • 231 Surveys
  • 3,332 Locations
  • A21-49 who spent 15+ minutes in a bar

Neilsen Research 2015 Results

Sales lift

Test Group was 49% more likely to consume the product in the past 24 hours


​ Purchase Intent

Test Group was 51% more likely to consume the product in the next 30 days

Brand Equity

Brand Equity

Test Group was 26% more likely to identify with the following statements: “This brand is for someone like me.”

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​ Would Buy For a Friend

Test Group was 51% more likely to buy the product for a friend in a bar


​ Take To A Party

Test Group was 14% more likely to agree that they would take this product to a party

*2015 Neilsen Ad Effectiveness Study