Our consumers may control the music, but you can own the screen! Our digital jukebox serves as an in-venue music and messaging platform.

Attract Video Loop

Leverage our Attract Video Loop to generate millions of impressions and maximum exposure for your brand campaign.

The Attract Video Loop runs when consumers are not using the jukebox. Your brand will be armed with the opportunity to push content and messaging to consumers as they are socializing in venues.

Key Benefits
  • Supporting :15/:30 video or static ads and dynamic creative capability on select jukeboxes
  • 453M+ gross video impressions per month amongst A21-49

Display Banners

Serve your message prominently throughout the music search experience.

Dynamic Creative

Optimize your brand experience for every occasion. With our dynamic creative functionality, you can now push out smarter, more relevant messaging in real time.

With this feature, your brand creative will be dynamically fed across our network, enabling you to reach consumers in a more effective and engaging way.

Key Benefits
  • Messaging is timely and more relevant
  • Dynamic call to actions' have been shown to increase conversion rates by as much as 49%
  • Ability to engage consumers in a visually stunning way

Custom Experience

Our in-house creative services team is available to help develop custom experiences that enable your brand to further engage and connect with your customers in-venue.

Experiences Include:
  • Branded interactive destinations or microsites
  • Fun games/trivia
  • Sweepstakes
  • Photo galleries
  • Interactive maps
  • Artist bios
  • Email data capture
  • And more

You name it, we can work with your team to build it!

Check out more examples here